Our Story

In 2004 my family and I relocated to Feltham. Not so long after this move, I would occasionally pass by buildings in the area and I had a strong sense that one of these buildings could be a church. I would immediately suppress these thoughts since I did not think nor understand at the time that there was indeed the need for something divine. This struggle persisted for a very long time.

One day (on one of my prayer walks), I came across ‘Cineworld’, which is arguably the biggest building in Feltham and yet again was prompted in the same fashion. Again I ignored the thought believing that this was beyond me. I did however begin to pray about it and after sometime it became apparent to me that God was prompting me to plant a Church in West London in Feltham. Believing that I had uncompleted work to do in the Church I was serving, I brushed this aside.

During the times of prayer regarding these promptings, I was reminded of the calling of Abraham to an unknown land, as found in Genesis 12 and I could relate to this. This scared me greatly, particularly as I felt comfortable at, and didn’t want to move from my current place of worship at the time in West London, a large Pentecostal Church.

Even though I brushed the thought of it ever materialising; I kept praying to God and confessing that Lord I will do as you want me to do.

‘What next’ was the question. God never gives you the whole picture. This forced us to put our faith into action. My family and I did this by continuing to pray fervently for several years without any action. However I began to question God as time went by and rationalise why this couldn’t be possible.

I heard God speak; “apart from many things l would like to use you for, I would like you to rebuild the broken families and young people with no direction or purpose that I will bring in your path.”

I knew that this was clearly from God because I do have a love for the people in what I consider a broken community. Many young people on the streets seem to be coming from broken relationships and families. To see such people come to have a personal relationship with God, is for me an exciting phenomenon to witness and this is my sole aim.

The Lord continued to minister to me so strongly and as I began to explore these promptings in prayer there was so much confirmation in His word, notably Isaiah 54:1-17, Genesis 13:15, Deuteronomy 28:9-10, 1 Corinthians 2:9 – and others. Additionally, other men of God confirmed this word and encouraged me in this course of action.

Having submitted finally to God’s will, I had a conversation with (……) about where our meeting place would be.

Having had the privilege of visiting several churches within Feltham and its environs, I realised  these individual Churches predominantly catered for, or attract a single ethnicity.

This new ministry; JUBILEE PRIESTHOOD CENTRE London (JPC), which was launched on the 16th November 2014, to carry out the vision God planted in me since 2004, would be  ethnically diverse. The community of Feltham is multicultural and it is only right that JPC mirrors this.  By understanding, Jesus is willing to receive all irrespective of their background.

There are so many lost souls, people from broken homes and broken families that need healing and restoration and those that are looking for satisfaction in the world through crime, drugs etc.

Feltham is notably associated with high crime rates, and predominantly comprises of those who have no association with church. Feltham and its surrounding towns are in dire need of help.

The Lord continued to minister to me so strongly and as I began to explore these promptings in prayer therae was so much confirmation in His word, notably Isaiah